Witches Hut

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Progress of Witch's Hut (Installation, 2019) (1)Progress of Witch's Hut (Installation, 2019)Witch's Hut (Installation, 2019)Witch's Hut (Installation, 2019) (1)

Witches Hut (2019)

Mixed media installation.

Witches Hut is a mixed media installation in which the character of the modern-day witch is reimagined as a feminist icon, with an interest in handmade, ritualistic processes, conscious of the historic condemnation of witches as a result of mysterious skills they held. Created in collaboration with two other artists, the installation contained sound, stop-motion animation and weaving, displayed alongside props that spoke of witchcraft and female liberation. The environment created by these pieces is intended to appear intimate and empowering, projecting positivity, with symbols derived from witches runes inviting strength, acceptance and female empowerment, whilst exploring the mystic qualities of making.

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